Monday, January 3, 2011

This year, I will...

I am not one for resolutions. Usually, I make pointless resolutions (such as, this year, I will not cause the death of more living organisms by planting flowers to die at my house) or I make serious resolutions and forget about them the next day (what? I was going to stick with a budget this year?).

But THIS year... I am going to be better at the following things: :)

* I will try my best to have dinner somewhat near the table by 6:30 so the Nater-Tot isn't melting down right in the middle of us eating (this one could be easy to hold to - my kitchen table is very near my counter tops).

* I will be better at blogging. You guys have had the brunt of my new hardly-any-normal-computer-time life. It's hard to type with two hands when a baby is constantly wanting to be held, be read to, be played with, be nursed or be rocked. But I do want to try and get better at taking advantage of nap times.

* I will get two proposals written in this next month. Now that said Nater-Tot plays a little better by himself on the floor, I should be able to get some typing in. That and my mom is going to watch him one day a week so I can work - THANK YOU, MOM!

* I will stop going to the post office with spit up all down the front of my pants. My apologies for past occurrences, fellow post office customers.

* I will be better at making time to read. Reading always inspires me to write better.

* I will try to not be so paranoid about germs and quit wiping everything within sixteen feet of my child down with a germ-x wipe.

Actually, I take that last one back.

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

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  1. I definitely want to write more! I don't know if this'll help you but I found out about it, think it's an awesome idea & am planning to get one! It's an alphamsart- a protable word processor. You can also get them for $40-50 used on ebay