Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Anti-Resolution Crowd

In this height of Resolution season, I wonder if there are any fellow anti-resolution people out there? :)

Let me explain.

I'm weird. As in, I work well under pressure and deadlines...but somehow, at the same time, the more I try to do something, and the more obsessed I get with it, the worse my progress.

For example, if I really, really want to lose 5 lbs and tone up (like I do now and have wanted to for about 9 months) then I backslide. I eat. I'm constantly starving. I have zero motivation to exercise and I wanna cry every time I try on jeans. It CONSUMES me because I made it a goal.

If I have the thought of "hey, losing 5 lbs would be cool" and take action steps (non obsessive ones) to obtain it, while working that into my every day life, then I usually meet my goals. It's like I have to trick my own psyche.

Hey, we writers are complicated!! ::wink::

So a month ago, knowing the dreaded Resolution Season was coming, I got pro-active and started jogging. Trying to cut back on calories without obsessing over it. Just making baby steps that add up to big steps of progress, while not freaking out along the way. I was doing great!!!

Until I bought a scale.

I think the backsliding is about to begin. Yikes! Pray for me not to hop on that puppy 3 times a day, would ya?

So, my question is - are you like some of the other Chicks who can make a goal for the new year and be motivated to stick to it? (I'm so impressed!!!) Or do you need to join me under the Anti-Resolution banner and let's trick our psyche's together? =)

"Goals? What goals? Resolutions??? NO WAY! I'm just gonna, uh.... write more...and, ssshhhh, eat less....." hehehe


  1. I don't do resolutions, I always fail miserably! Haha!

  2. Haha love it! I'm EXACTLY the same way! I think we need positive reinforcement (like, "you're doing good, if you could eat less even better, but if not, still great" :), instead of the negative pressure of thinking we need to change something drastically.

  3. Okay, Betsy, this cracks me up. Because I've been anti-resolution for...pretty much forever and this year I decided I would just come up with a few things that I would "like" to do, with no pressure. Just things to try to get closer to attaining.

    Don't tell my brain that they're kind of similar to resolutions, and I won't tell yours, okay? =)

    Good job on the jogging!