Friday, December 3, 2010

Writing a novel in three months

I'll start right off and offer a big apology for being so lax in posting to this blog! I'm so sorry guys. Things have been crazy, but you think I'd be able to find a few extra minutes to type up a post. Um . . . yeah.

But really, we all have crazy lives. It's all about balancing our various obligations. It's also about cutting the things in our lives that waste time and make us feel productive but in the end get us nowhere.

All that to say I've been struggling just like you with keeping all the balls in the air. But I'm still here! This is a great blog, and I'm thrilled to be able to offer my two cents every now and then.

As some of you know, my first novel Thicker than Blood was published back in January, and my second novel Bound by Guilt is coming out in March. I've been struggling with what book to write next and have even tried to start a novel several different times. Nothing seemed to gel. But I want to be a writer, not someone who's written, so I've decided to take a different approach to all of this.

Last Friday I started my third novel . . . again. But this time I've decided to give myself a time deadline. The goal is to finish a rough draft by March 1st. That means I have to write 1200 words a day, five days a week, for the next three months, and I can't go back over anything I've written the day before. That's a real key for me. If I start to go back over stuff, it'll put a damper on all forward momentum. Can't have that. Not when I have to be done by March 1st!

So, maybe some of you want to join me in writing a book in three months. It's not as hard as it sounds if you work hard to keep your internal editor chained to a chair. :)


  1. Nice! Kind of like NaNoWriMo C.J.-style! =]

  2. First, I love your humility "I want to be a writer not someone who's written"  I think you are a writer with two great books published :)

    Second, I'm rooting for you all the way!  Keep us posted.

    Third, I want to take part in the "CJ's scribble chicks challenge" but right now my life isn't to conducive to 1200 words a day. I'm going to aim for writing 5 days a week!!

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  4. I'm writing! I taught language arts for eight years, and I wrote all the time with my students for fun. Now that I am out of the classroom (librarian), I missed writing and telling stories.
    So, I started a story for myself a week or so ago. I would love to finish it by March 1st!

  5. I'd love to take you up on that challenge, but I don't think I actually have the time. So like Tonya, I'll just make it goal to write something five days a week. I can't wait to hear about your novel! :)