Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kickin' Procrastination to the Curb

Sorry I missed y'all last week dear Scribble Chicks' readers. I was en route from St. Paul to Dallas for Will and I's big move and was probably somewhere in the middle of Oklahoma when I would've normally posted.

Can I just tell ya that I definitely know I'm back in the South? Not only is it about 1,000 degrees, but I'm already sporting a slew of bug bites, big, frizzy hair and yes, a farmer's tan.

It's all very attractive, I tell ya.

But despite my maladies, I'm happy to be back. Not only have I spent some quality time with Will for the first time in a month, but I'm back in a place where complete strangers call me "honey," and there's fried chicken readily available, well, everywhere. Now if I could just get the movers to actually bring us our stuff, then I'd really be in business.

While in the midst of transition, I've found myself procrastinating quite a bit when it comes to my writing. In fact, in the midst of penning a new scene for my next novel, I stumbled upon a very funny article about the art of procrastination. I have to say that I can relate to this all too well, how about you?


  1. I wear my procrastination crown proudly. Have fun acclimating to the warm weather and warm hospitality.

  2. Thanks sooo much, catwoods. :) It should be a fun transition from the freezer to the oven.

  3. Heehee! That was a good one. I'm totally guilty of a good number of those.

    Congrats on your new move! I hope you'll settle in quickly.