Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cheat time

I'm cheating today with a short post, because I still haven't fully recovered from my crazy hectic last week.

But I really want to know the answer to this question so its only partially cheating :)

Fill in the blank. "I can't write today because _________"


  1. My three biggest are:
    1. I don't feel good & can't concentrate ( I have a chronic illness)
    2. Someone else needs the computer (only one in our house)
    3. I don't know what to write about or where
    to take the story

  2. I am writing today, but if I don't write, it's because I'm feeling really sick, I'm stressed, or I want to take a quick break from writing (I usually take one or two days off a month).

  3. because it's like 100 degrees in our house and we don't have air conditioning and that's not motivating to sit for hours with a hot laptop on my lap!

    PS i don't think it's cheating! i actually think it's a fun idea!

  4. Good reasons. Been there on most of them! And sometimes breaks are definitely healthy. Some people thrive better under pressure and big to-do lists and short time frames. I'm one of those. Others are not. You gotta make work for you what works for you!! =)

    Anyone else?

    I like to get ideas of what other writers get hung up on. Sometimes I have to convince myself that what I'm doing right now (writing) is worth doing and that I shouldn't be running around doing other things that need to be done (like housework or whatever) and everything has a place and a time and it can all be done. Step by step!

    Happy writing (or stalling! hehe)

  5. because my story I was writing is similar to a book that just came out and I can't come up with another story yet... How did this happen?! It's not fair.

  6. 1)...My laptop has died and I don't feel like plugging it in half-way across the room, so I am constantly tripping on it.

    2)...I have so many other more importent things to do... the windows have needed washing, and the 4 dishes that didn't fit into the dishwasher reallly need to be washed. Not.

    3)... People keep IM'ing, texting, or calling me, and it would be rude to ignore them.

    Okay, so when we find excuses, all we find are excuses...