Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pass the Coffee

So... since we're passing the coffee around while we introduce ourselves, you can keep passing it -- right past me!

I'm B.J., and I've never met a cup of coffee I liked. Of course, I've only tried one. (Did I just admit that with Erynn sitting across the table?)

I'm pretty narrow-minded about beverages, but that's about where it ends. For instance, I used to believe that all men were inherently evil. Then I met this one:

He opened my mind (and my heart) up really quickly to the concept of marriage. The girl who used to make math equations like, "Singleness = Happiness" and "Marriage = Bondage" suddenly found herself saying "I DO!" That was 2 years ago, and we are so happy.

Speaking of happy -- writing also gives me that feeling. Like Erynn, I wrote as a kid, but my first story involved a "poky-dotted pony". Sometime in the next 20 years I learned to spell, and Books & Such Literary Agency agreed to shop some of my non-fiction humor proposals to publishers. In the meantime, I've harassed and manipulated magazine, compilation-book, and newspaper editors into publishing my work almost 150 times.

So now I'm handing you the coffee. Regular or decaf? And while you're at it, why don't you tell us a little about yourself?


  1. I'm a high school student living in Romania with my family as missionaries :) I discovered a love of writing a few years ago, and I find myself strangely addicted to words. Even when I feel like everything I write is awful and it's just a waste of time, I still find myself going back and trying again. Other than that, I'm just a girl who considers herself as extremely blessed and content with her life, as crazy as it may be :)
    And coffee? Only if it's from one of the cute little cafe's here! What can I say? The coffee tastes better in Europe :)

  2. Hi, BJ!

    I'm here because I fell in love with Erynn's writing, and I found you through TH1NK's fanpage:-)

    I'm a reviewer, so keep me in mind for any future projects...I love to help and encourage any way I can.

  3. Yay BJ!! Awesome intro - that pic of you and your husband is so cute! :)

  4. And Deena, you are too sweet - thanks so much! :)

  5. Arianna - Wow! I always wanted to live in Romania (seriously... it's been a life-time dream). You sound like so much fun and I can't wait to share about our mutual love for writing.

    Deena - It's great to meet you! I visited your blogs - awesome! I'd love to share my future projects with you. Thanks for commenting!

    Erynn - Thanks so much! I'm lovin' it here already.

  6. Hey BJ! It's so nice to "meet" you. You sound super sweet and down-to-earth, and I'm excited to see what you girls come up with here.

    I'm Christiana (or just Christy is fine too), and I'm a 32-year-old wife and mother to three small boys ages 8, 6 and 4. My husband is German, so we're a bilingual family, and I've lived in places such as Honduras, West Africa, and Germany, though we now make our home in PA.

    I've been passionate about writing for as long as I can remember, but I'm just now beginning to actually pursue it in earnest. I keep a blog on creative writing prompts and inspiration, which you can find at http://www.penciledwhimsies.blogspot.com -- check it out if you ever find the time!

    I also love cooking, baking, photography, movies (especially romantic comedies), and of course, reading. When it comes to coffee, I'm a bit of a snob actually. Cappuccinos, frappucinos, macchiatos... bring 'em on! Plain 'ol regular coffee... you can keep it. When it comes to chocolate, the darker the better! I also love anything with caramel or nuts.

    I'm already a huge fan of Erynn's work and her blog, so I'm eager to learn more about the rest of you girls. I wish you every success!

  7. Wow, you guys sound like a lot of fun! I happen to know for a fact that BJ is. =) I look forward to hearing more from you ladies.

  8. Christianna - It sounds like your life is full of adventure. And I agree about the dark chocolate... mmm... you're making me hungry. Thanks for introducing yourself!

    Hannah - You are too sweet. A post is coming up on Friday at Real Teen Faith that I think you'll appreciate... haha. Something to do with ice down someone's back.

  9. I am like you were in that for me right now, singleness = happiness. I am currently in my last year of high school, and so most people don't understand this about me. But I would like to date one day; I'm just waiting for God's timing.

    I enjoy writing, and I am familiar with most of you, which brought me here. I wish you all the best with this blog, and will be dropping by on a regular basis. :)

    Coffee? I love it. I'm not an addict yet, but I'm worried that's not far away.