Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A mocha a day keeps the headache away...

As I type, I'm happily camped at a table in my local Barnes & Noble, a new carrying case for my new laptop perched in the chair beside me, and my trusty tall, non fat, white chocolate mocha (with no whip) taking residence beside my right hand. My current proposal is ready in a Word document, just waiting for me to tackle it with glee. Friends are only an email away, and I'm surrounded by my other friends - a store full of books, including Nicholas Spark's newer one that is in the just purchased B&N sack in front of me.

Ah, bliss.

Days like this are rare. I'm a mommy, remember? =) On days like today, it seems "struggles? what struggles?" But they're still there. I still get distracted. I still crave caffeine even though my baby thankfully sleeps the night like a champ and really, I have no excuse. I still have personal or family issues in the back of my mind. Nothing goes away or changes just because I'm in my bubble of writer self denial at B&N.

But it does help =)

Seriously, though, this is my getaway. Without these rare days of freedom at B&N (Little Miss is playing with Nana!) I would be in permanent writers block. I guess you'd say my hardest struggle as a writer is time. Sometimes this works to my advantage, as I've discovered that I can do a whole lot more than I'd ever guessed I could when left with no other option! When my editor gives me a deadline, it's for real. It doesn't matter that my MIL is barely out of her coma miles away in Alexandria, doesn't matter that my husband is exhausted working two jobs and trying to take care of his mom, leaving zero extra time for babysitting our daughter. It doesn't matter that I'm tired and want to sleep when Little Miss sleeps, instead of rack my brain for even an ounce of creativity.

Not to make my editor sound heartless, because she's fantastic and extended a deadline for me during the worst of my MIL's accident. But this is my business, this is my job, and I have to treat it as such. Which, is like I said, sometimes a good thing because it makes me push my borders, deep digger, and find that I CAN do all things through Christ after all =)

Sometimes, as a Christian, I find myself trying to do it all alone. Write alone, work alone, clean alone, cook alone, be a mommy and wife alone. That might work for a little while, but ultimately, it will all crumble if I don't stick Jesus in the middle as my anchor. He's the glue!

So during the midst of your struggles, writing related or not, don't forget to work in time for God! It truly makes all the difference. I can give personal testimony to days when I was running late but made myself do my Bible study, and voila - time warp. I got so much done that day and it logically, realistically just wasn't possible. But thankfully God doesn't play by our time rules. =)

We all have our struggles in life and with writing. We all have something that hangs us up from time to time, whether it be time, our inner critic, distractions, writer's block, procrastination, etc. The problems might be different but the solution is the same. Involve God in your writing, in your life, in your issues, and allow Him to help become your answer. Watch what He can do!

And in the meantime, keep drinking those mochas =)


  1. OH I love this post. B/c I don't have any family even closer than 800 miles from me to help w/ was the first day of having 2 hours of housecleaning help per week! I am thrilled & so thankful for my husband for budgeting the $20 each week for me. I AM NOT SUPERWOMAN! Now, later today when I have "free" time when CurlyQ sleeps, I can write w/o worrying about everything being messy. While my sweet Estela cleaned for 2 hrs I did all of my laundry & made lunch. I feel like I have a clone for 2 hours now!

    But...I'd give it up any day to have "grammy" nearby...better than any cleaning help could buy!

  2. The more you girls share, the more I am thoroughly convinced that this blog is an absolute God-thing. You girls are speaking directly into my life, dealing with all the exact same issues I am, and doing it all in such a friendly, down-to-earth manner that I can't help but love you for it.

    It's like you're pouring oil right over my head and soothing away all the wounds and worries. What a blessing! Thank you for your post today, Betsy, and thank you Scribble Chicks!

  3. Thanks Betsy,
    I needed a little kick to keep me on the right track. I've had a sort of "block" all summer for finishing my absolute last class for my college degree and I've been slow and grumpy about it the whole time but you've reminded me that I only have a little bit left to do and that whether it's a little bit or a lot God can do amazing things with whatever we bring to him!
    Enjoy your mocha, I'll enjoy mine! :D

  4. Can you believe I've never had a white mocha?

  5. Such a timely post for me today, Betsy. I'm off to run errands and take the boy to the orthodontist...another manic day...but I'm going to take time to be thankful, and to read some Scripture.

    Why run on fumes when I can fill up?