Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What You Do or Who You Are?

As I write this, my baby’s tucked quietly in bed; the house is a wreck; I’ve been traveling all weekend.
If you were to ask me who I am, I’d say I’m a mother. A journalist. A wife. A terrible housekeeper. An adventurer.
The reality is, these are my roles; they are not who I am.
Roles can be stripped away in a heartbeat. I learned this years ago when a period of chronic illness took away my ability to do much. I found myself lying in bed, wondering... who was I? What had I become?
I was human.
Sometimes I think roles get in the way of how we evaluate each other (a habit I wish we didn’t have at all). We want to hang out with someone if they’re popular, if they’re gifted, if they’re entertaining or if they make us feel good.
But underneath, when we evaluate, we lose the ability to tell... that everyone is valuable. That you and you and you were born into this world the same way as everyone else. That God planned your life before the beginning of time, and nothing you say, do, or do not do will change the value of who you are.
God loved you before there was time.
And today, as I recover from a crazy weekend and a debilitating migraine... as house filth and deadlines and speaking engagements loom...
I rest.
Because I am who I am. Human. Valuable. And loved beyond my wildest dreams...

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