Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Finding Your Wild Side

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So I bought a mustang and got my nose pierced all in one week. As I stated on social media--I’m pretty sure this constitutes a quarter-life crisis.

I guess you could say life drove me to it. I’ve wanted to get my nose pierced for years--but some crappy situations finally me realize that there will be no “perfect” time.

So I dragged my two-year-old into a tattoo parlor (God bless my pastors’ kid heart) and consoled myself with the fact that I’d read reviews online with the word “sterile” and “clean”... even though the place looked more like “staph” and “ebola”.

The car? I’m infertile. I figure if I bought a sports car... I’ll get pregnant with triplets next week.

So here’s to you, my friend. What have you always wanted to do? Write a novel? Pitch to a publisher? Why are you still doing the “sensible” thing?

Go find your wild side.


Bekah Martin is a small girl living in a small town in North Carolina... who enjoys watching God do big things.

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  1. Quarter-life crisis, huh? Lol. I've always wanted to write this one book and then happily write my short stories forevermore after that. I'm finally getting everything plotted to write it, though... now that my college schedule is crazy and I'll (hopefully be in the nursing program next semester). Talk about rough timing. Oh well. Such is life. I may have to write the blasted thing 300 words at a time, but whatever. Lol.