Friday, May 9, 2014

Research Trip in Reverse

Hey y'all! I'm back from the Florida Keys, rested and tan. =) I paid attention to everything around me when I was there (or at least I tried to!) so I could use the research for future stories. I still need to take the time to make notes and make sure I don't forget anything, but that's in my plan.

This trip was a little bit backwards as far as writing research goes. I'm not currently working on anything set in the Keys, but I love it as a setting so I decided I would just research (by having fun!) and let my imagination play around with whatever ideas came to it while I was relaxing and as a result I have not one, but two new story ideas starting to simmer in the back of my mind. Yay!!!!

Both of these stories started with a setting that inspired me, but the next thing after that for both of these was a character (the heroine) and her occupation. That's not always how inspiration strikes me, so it's interesting that that's how it worked this time.

So...what are y'all working on? Any fun "research" trips in anyone's future? How does a story start for you? Is it always the same?

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  1. I have one story idea that comes from a meeting a character in my first story.
    Another idea is from a weekend 'vacation' with a friend--the setting is what sold me on it.
    A WIP that's been set aside had a situation that made me curious.
    And my current WIP came from a situation that a friend found herself in. Of course, I gave it a life of its own... :)