Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Today I think we can learn something from those little Valentine hearts.


Ever noticed how they say so much in two to three words? "Be Mine", "Yours Only", "Love You", "Call Me", or my personal favorite, "UR Cool".

I think I would pretty much melt if my husband gave me a heart candy that said "UR Cool". :)

How many words does it take you to say something so meaningful in your stories? Editors LOVE brevity. The quicker you can say it (while still keeping your prose and rhythm), the better. I've had editors tell me to scrap my entire first chapter and start at Chapter Two. Think of your story as a nice, Valentine meal - editors (and readers!) would like to get to the main attraction - the steak and scallops and skip over the appetizer salad.

Look over your WIP. What's essential to the storyline? What isn't? What gives your book flavor? What just adds too much seasoning?

How will you say, "I love you so much I am going to give you this tiny corn starch, water, sugar and artifically-flavored heart?"

Have a great Valentine's evening!! :)

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  1. I've heard that before, "start at CH 2". Sometimes we need to dump our back story and write CH 1 the way we feel compelled to in order to get going, then go back and delete majority of it. Been there, written that! ;) Cute analogy with the hearts! My Little Miss has been snacking on those things for two days now.