Wednesday, November 18, 2009


There's been a lot of drama lately. In my family life, in my personal life, and especially in my writing life. For example, recently on public forums, there has been a lot of debating on e-publishing vs. self-publishing vs. traditional publishing...

It's exhausting to watch, because all parties share equally compelling points and I can relate to all sides. I've been e-pubbed and print-pubbed by a small press, which paid no advance but standard royalities, and actually made a little money through them. Now, I've been multi-pubbed by a traditional house and see that side of things.

I've had no experience with self-publishing, but I know others who have, and while that's not an investment I would be willing to delve into, I still have respect for those who do.

That's what it comes down to. Respect. If you read my personal blog last week, you might have seen my post on how upset I was by a specific author who felt the need to (in my opinion) bash an entire publishing house and all of its readers and authors. Supposedly, that is not what that author intended to do and this author posted an apology on his/her site explaining as much, but the damage was already done.

As writers, we should know by now that our words matter - whether typed or spoken. Whether created in fiction or spoken from the heart. Whether tearing down or building up, they count. As authors, we should be the most careful of what we speak and write, more so than anyone else. So let's show some respect.

For instance, the debate right now on e-pub vs. self-pub vs. traditonal. Just because someone else feels led to take a path you wouldn't personally take, why are we bent on trying to change their mind? Why do we (as humans) feel compelled to change someone's opinion?

I'm working through that myself right now in a lot of areas. Sometimes, if its someone we love and we see them making a bad choice, we feel compelled to intervene out of concern and wanting the best for that person. That's understandable. But in the industry, it's different. In the publishing world, we need to respect each other as writers in all regards, and agree to disagree. Not everything has to be dramatic and a big showdown all the time. Not everyone has to agree on everything all the time. I wish our society today could learn how to disagree and still get along.

I'm so tired of the fighting. I'm so tired of the division. I'm so tired of the drama.

Let's move away from the cartoon boxer at the top of this page and move toward peace. Let's encourage each other in the Lord and in the goals He's given us as writers for His kingdom, and realize that sometimes those goals are going to vary. What's planned for me might not be planned for you and vice versa. What I feel led toward might be different from where God is drawing you.

In the words of Ms. Aretha...



  1. Amen, Betsy.

    I've been reading the ongoing dialogue about self- vs. e- vs. trad- publishing, and the more people who jump in, the sadder it makes me.

    And sadder yet? This isn't the first time, nor will it be the last time the topic is thrashed in this arena.

  2. I'm with you on both counts you mentioned here. It gets to be exhausting.

  3. Too true! I loathe drama and crave peace. (Just ask me about my neighbor situation and you'll KNOW how much I crave peace--both the internal kind and the not noisy kind.) Great thoughts!

  4. ( Just found this blog due to the blog carnival.)

    Well said! The tenor of the debate is often heard more than the content of someone's thoughts. In the past year I have sometimes been embarrassed to be associated with some people or groups because of the tenor of their arguments and general disrespect for people of opposing views.

    Bookmarking y'all!

  5. I think some Christians take the phrase 'child of God' too literally! You're not supposed to act like you're five! :)


  6. Amen sister! I couldn't agree more. And I think this is further confirmation that I need to write that blog post I've been thinking about. I've felt I've been one to contribute to the drama in the past. And I'm not okay with that now.

    Respect is necessary. But beyond that, we're brothers and sisters in Christ and frankly, the way we treat each other over non-essentials or matters of preference is appalling.

    I grew tired of all the bickering too. It's exhausting. But beyond that, it's become hurtful. And that's just gotta stop.